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Igor Kaplan

Hi Joseph,


  Thanks a lot for your reply.

  For now I am not doing anything complex. I have the surface pro device and I would like to create several simple addons. For example I would like to create the addon for foobar 2000, which will play and stop (pressing the f5 key) when 2 fingers are doubletapped. So wen I doubletap with 2 fingers, NVDA will press the f6 key.

  I am a long time python programmer, however still have not done much with NVDA scripting. Lately I am more and more appreciate the power of NVDA, there are more and more applications with which NVDA works better then any other screen readers, so I would like to start scripting it a little bit, to add even more power! J

  Joseph, you mentioned, that the keyboardHandler is used in SPL Studio addons, where I can find those addons. I have checked the NVDA addons page and did not find anything.

  May be someone could please point me to those addon.


  Many thanks and all the best!



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Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2016 2:08 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] scripting question - how to perform key presses



I’ll address both questions here:

In short, you need help from keyboard handler to do this. The big picture is:

1.       Create a script.

2.       Within this script, call keyboardHandler and tell it to create a gesture from name (SPL Studio add-on uses this in encoder support routines).

3.       Pass it on.


For Igor: which add-on are you developing? Let us know if you need further assistance.




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Subject: [nvda] scripting question - how to perform key presses


Hi everyone.

I would like to know how to perform a keypress in a nvda script also.

Thanks so much

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