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Jean, thats pardon my english, a piss poor way to view it.

If this is the case maybe we should put the addons repo in a more prominant position and other things, its allready on the manage addons page, maybe the welcome screen, maybe as a tip at startup for first time users, maybe if you think its needed well.

Nvda can run just as well without addons in most cases.

In fact on slower systems I use, I have had to run it with no addons but essential ones like the win10 apps addon.

I do think, that certain addons should come preinstalled or at least be installed after install like addon updater and win10apps if using win10 for example and addon updater is a must.

But no user needs every addon.

Most of my addons are program support addons for example.

I have a few features that I like and thats it.

Others have synths, others have different configurations.

Out of all the addons, I could go with just program supports and to be honest if I had to I could go without most addons at all with exception of win10 apps, addon updater, calibre, dropbox, if interpritors, vlc, goldwave, teamtalk and winamp.

Those are what I use others may have different things to use.

I have used nvda without addons for ages before I used it with and sure I know about addons a lot more and use a lot more but don't use everything as an addon.


Still like my speech synths to be a universally accessible for all programs thing for example.

To be honest, if people have that much trouble thinking about addons, maybe we should call them plugins or even extentions like every other brouser manufacturer is calling them who knows.

I personally think we are doing enough but I guess we could do more.

We can only tell people where to get addons.

The only private addon I use is the japanese translater addon from blindaudiogames.com which is quite crappy and useless if you don't play certain games in a certain language and have an account with that site for example.

Which I do.

Its not a translater, just for a few games in japanese from certain authors in a certain situation.

Since nvda can have custom addons to, well.

As for letting people know about where they can get addons, depending on what they are doing, Usually and this is for software etc I use on other's system I tend to install everything they need, and or may need then keep it updated, now if the user wants to know they can ask me.

A lot really don't they just want it working.

Addons may be an exception to that rule I grant you that at least.

I havn't heard anyone saying that addons are not in a more prominant position.

Saying that, this does bring a small spin in my original discussion.

I know quite well bar the alegal repos full of pirated stuff that the nvda addons site is not the only repo for addons, in fact I do think nvda's addons and download sites should be mirrored in case we ever lost the main site or got it hacked or something.

And we should encourage more repos of addons maybe have on the addons site, github and other places for authors repos for those interested, maybe expand the pages with a list of addon devs, a bio about each, maybe even have all that under different pages as well as the addons themselves.

We should have the ability for nvda to download addons without people going to the site to initially get them, for example I have never needed to go to addons.mozilla.org to get addons though I can do it that way of course.

On 29/04/2019 1:40 AM, Gene wrote:
I think that perhaps the most important reason to add certain add-ons to the program itself is that a lot of NVDA users don't know, and won't know, that add-ons exist or where to get them. 
I'm very curious if anyone has any idea what percent of NVDA users use add--ons and knows where to get them and how to see what is available.  It may not be practical to do such a study but I'd be surprised if more than thirty or forty percent of NVDA users use add-ons.  And some of those users may use ones that instructors told them about or installed.  The user may not know where to get them or where to find out what is available.
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Interesting topic! Personally I only agree with half of it. It would be indeed great if at least some add-ons became part of NVDA, and I would include Screen Curtain among those.


On the other hand, I totally oppose the exclusion of the ducking function. It’s extremely useful, especially with  services like Youtube  or Google Play Music. Often it’s the only way to hear the screen reader without having to close everything else.


Let’s see what other opinions come up!





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