Google Analytics accessibility


I've been using Google Anaylitics for years and for the most part NVDA
has been useful in navigating about 60% to 70% of the available
options. For all of the accessibility work that has gone into the
Google docs and sheets the Google team has done nothing in regards to
Google Analytics or it's companion Search console. The Google forums
go back 10+ years and have had little tracktion on the topic, So, Has
there been any buzz about an NVDA add-on for helping to access
inaccessible controls or to make use out of the layered link
structure. I've become familiar with the menu structure so I'm fairly
able to find what I need, but it's become almost impossible to do
anything substancial. I won't go into detail because it's off topic,
but I'd be interested to know if I'm just in the minority here since
website statistics is a niche interest. By the way, all you need is a
g-mail account and you can access, obviously much
of the menu structure becomes available after linking an active
website, but if you'd like to poke around it's totally free.

Any thoughts would be welcome, TIA,

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