Re: NVDA and thunderbird

Brice Mijares

So, my problem isn't something new? If not, I'm losing it faster than I had thought! Thank for the info.

On 4/29/2019 2:51 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
if you are opening it in a new window it will read it out 3 times but if you press the enter key on the message then use the say all command you will only get it the once.
Some people will use the up arrow key but then it only reads the first line or they may have it set to skim reading.
Others will open it in a new tab for there message.
The easiest is just use the say all command after you have opened the message quickly.
Gene nz
On 30/04/2019 9:42 AM, Brice Mijares wrote:
Within the last week or so using latest version of Thunderbird, when hitting enter on the message, NVDA repeats the subject line at least 3 times. Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?
latest windows ten Essentials.
windows version: Windows 10Ver1809 (64-bit) build 17763.437

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