Re: not able to start NVDA using shortcut Ctrl + alt + space


I don't know if you sorted it out as I haven't seen any answer from you regarding what others have said.
So here I go with my suggestion.
Even if it has been deleted, shortcut changed or whatever, it's easy peasy to go there on the shortcut properties (assuming it is still there) and set it up again, manually of course.
In case the shortcut itself have desappeared, go to the NVDA's  folder, usually \Program Files (X86)\NVDA and then recreate the shortcut from there.
This is assuming you have NVDA installed, not portable. Otherwise I don't think you'd be using this shortcut thing anyway.


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Em 29/04/2019 07:22, Mohd. Ahtesham Shaikh disse:

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[Reason: wrong subject: It should be ctrl + alt +N and not (space)]

Hi all,
As the subject suggests, I am unable to start or restart NVDA using the shortcut key combinations.
Ctrl+ alt + N
Any particular reason you guys think is preventing me from doing so?

Please respond.
This is on my office computer.


Mohd. Ahtesham
From India
Using Windows 8.1 at home and windows 10 pro in office

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