locked Re: NVDA add on's RSS feed.


While we are on this (and I know it's not an NVDA thing, just thought I'd ask on this thread):
Is there any way of getting a certain RSS from a website?
For instance I have the www.thisisacool.site.
I want to get the RSS (that is, the link for this RSS), of course assuming this site has one.
Then what should I do to get it?

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Em 28/04/2019 15:14, Robert Kingett disse:

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[Reason: Included the RSS feed.]

This RSS feed will show you new add ons published but it will not group 
add ons by last updated. To check for updates, get the add on updater.


Add ons are posted manually to this list as well. Mods have not integrated the feed into this group, so subscribe to the feed above. 

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