locked Re: NVDA add on's RSS feed.


The only web browser that can find and display RSS feeds as a page is FireFox E SR edition. Otherwise, you would have to fiddle with the URL and use a third party RSS reader or an add on for the non E S R version of FireFox. Mozilla claims very few people used the live bookmarks functionality, but the internet has been trying to slowly kill RSS feeds for a while so people have no choice but to subscribe to spammy email lists. Edge does not support finding RSS feeds as far as I know. Chrome does not either, as far as I know. The ESR version of FireFox is the only browser left that can find RSS feeds and display them as a page. To find an RSS feed in FF ESR, do the following. Go to the page or blog in question. Go to your bookmarks menu. Go down until you hear, live bookmarks, expand that menu. Select the feed you want from the resulting list.

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