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The reason you find the comments field by using headings from certain parts of the page and not others is probably because the page changes depending on where you are.  Some pages change what they show depending on where you are on the page.  The description sounds as though a Youtube video page does this. 
I'm not sure how common this is but I have seen it on occasion.

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On Tue, 30 Apr 2019, Nimer Jaber wrote:

> Other than a reference to the add-ons list, I saw no reference to NVDA in this thread. This seems like an issue of navigating a particular website, and not
> an issue with NVDA, or learning to accomplish a task with NVDA that NVDA isn't working with or something.

I personally understood it as a "how to use NVDA with the youtube website"
question, otherwise the nvda-addons mention wouldn't have made sense.  But my
subjective opinion is irrelevant since I didn't start the thread.

> If i want to jump to a comment field, I might press h to get to the comments heading, and then tab twice to get to the appropriate edit box. There seems to

You might, but at least if you are using NVDA, with Firefox, on,
there is perhaps an 80% chance that you will never reach comments that way.

Comments on, seem to start with a heading level 2, which specifies
the number of comments.  But, whether the H key will actually jump you to that
heading, seems to depend on where you are on the page when you start trying to
look for it.

If you are, for example, in the related videos section, you can press H all you
like, and will probably never get to comments.  If you press 2, you will
likely be told that there are no more headings at level 2, even though we know,
that somewhere after those related videos, is a heading level 2 dealing with

The most reliable way I have found to get to youtube comments, is to press, from
whereever I happen to be on the page, control-end, to jump to the end of the
page.  Then shift-2, which should, most times that I know of, get you to the top
of the comments section.  You may then press e to go to the edit field where you
can type a comment, or use the down arrow or other navigation, to reach other
people's comments.


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