Re: question from a new NVDA user

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Press nvda-control-s, tab once and choose your soundcard where you want the output going to.


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Hi all,

I've had NVDA installed for a while now but I'm just getting around to possibly starting to use it.

I've been using jaws for years and when it speaks it comes through my
external speakers that are plugged into my laptop via the USB port
because the earphone jack doesn't work, but I started NVDA yesterday and
the voice was coming through the laptop's internal speaker, and it was
very low as well. How do I fix this so it comes through my external
speakers as well?

Btw strangely enough, I opened the NVDA preferences and changed the
Eloquence voice I was using and it immediately got louder although it
was still coming through the laptop and not the external speakers. Also,
after making changes in preferences I hit the okay button but it didn't
take me out of preferences. I got out of preferences by hitting alt-f4
but when I did that the volume of the voice went back down again.

One more thing, when I started NVDA yesterday the volume was so low that
I couldn't really hear it but it sounded like it was offering me an NVDA
update. I have no idea if it was installed though because since I
couldn't really hear what it was saying I couldn't really tell what
option I chose when it offered me the update.

Any help with any of this will be greatly appreciated.


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