Re: Firefox is driving me crazy!

Mallard <mallard@...>

Of course I'm discussing how FF behaves on my machine!!!
Can you imagine me discussing how it behaves on yours???? lol rofl...

I'm submitting a problem I'm experiencing, and asking whether anyone else has had similar situations and, in any case, an possible suggestions as to how to overcome this.

In any case, no problem.
I'll take care of it and won't bother you anymore.

Il 10/03/2016 17:47, Gene ha scritto:
You are discussing how Firefox behaves on your machine. If Firefox behaved this way in general, you would see an avalanche of complaints and questions about it. I have no idea what the problem is. Is it a firefox problem or a screen-reader problem or a Windows problem on your specific system? No systematic testing has been done to make a determination. Since lots of editions of Firefox portable are available and since you can have as many on a machine as desired, I would suggest trying the latest and see how it works. then go back to one that you know worked on your machine and try that. You may remove or keep as many different versions on your machine as you like.
Something appears to be interfering with the calibration of
Browse mode to the actual location of links on the page. I doubt it's malware but that, too, cannot be ruled out.
I have no objection to using Chrome but Chrome isn't perfect either.
I much prefer the Firefox interface. I am not happy that, for example, history in Chrome is a web page interface. There are lots of things that are web page interfaces in Chrome that are not in Firefox. I can work with them but I find it easier and more intuitave to work with things such as lists in Firefox.
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Yes, and no....
Only Firefox behaves that way. Chrome doesn't, for instance, but I'm not
very much at ease with it yet.
I'll have to switch over, if FF keeps on playing up this way, though.


Il 09/03/2016 23:05, Chris Mullins ha scritto:
Have you tried the same web page in a different browser and got the same


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Yes Patrick,
I do use K and Shift+K too, but it happens anyway...

I've even tried bringing the mouse to focus, and double-clicking
with the
left mouse button on the numpad... The best that happens is that I
have to
click or press enter twice on a link to activate it, the worst is that
something completely diffrent opens.

It started midway through the life of FF44, and it's still here in 45...

Il 09/03/2016 17:24, Patrick Le Baudour ha scritto:

One thing to be careful of is to make sure nvda only has a link in
focus - I usually use k and shift-k to do that. When there is, for
example, a bullet then a link, then it may open something altogether.
I've been had by that several times those last weeks.

-- Patrick

Le 09/03/2016 17:01, Mallard a écrit :
Hello list,
For a week or so now, Firefox is driving me crazy.

When I click on a link on a webpage, for some reason I end up
clicking on something different from the one I had under my fingers
on my braille display or that is read by the synth.

Today I even upgraded to Firefox 45.0 to see whether the problem
could be solved, but no... Still the same.

I'm using the latest Next snapshot of NVDA, but the same thing
happens with an older version of NVDA (2015.2), so I think it might
be something in Firefox.

Has anyone experienced someghing similar?


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