Re: blank lines in outlook 2016

Sam Bushman

Yes you can, however, when you press k to go from link to link it just gets
stuck on graphic and can't find the link you want - you need to press k then
down arrow then k and down arrow and - ... etc. If you try to press read all
then stop it to find a link then you just get blank line after blank line.

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can you not use the normal web shortcuts in browse mode if you display it in

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When you use read to end - then want to get a link to click on - how do
find the link - highlight it and then click on it.

You press esc or another key to stop the read to end - then you need to
arrow around to find the link to click on. I just get blank over and over.
Any other suggestions?

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Why are you down arrowing through the message? Do you have to do so for
some reason? If you use read to end, no blank lines will be spoken.


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Hi All,

I have two main problems with outlook 2016 - the 32bit version that you
download and install from office 365.

1. I get blank line over and over when arrowing through messages. Is
there a way to ignore / compress more than one blank line in a row?
2. Often the outlook crashes and restarts. This only happens with NVDA.
I have briefed several on this list before and have sent in logs etc. Does
this crashing on certain messages happen to anyone else? If I view the
message by either looking at it from a forward or a reply it doesn't

Thanks so much for any input.


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