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usually when you read a email it is in browse mode.

To stop nvda from talking use the CTRL key. Then if you think you just missed it use the shift key + K to jump you back up to that link if that is the one you want. You can keep on repeating it until you get to it.

If in a email you can also use the letter K to jump down by links only in browse mode not in focus mode where you type.

You can use thenvda quick navigation keys that are supported in browse mode if available

Most are like K for links there may be some headings so the letter H can be used etc..

Gene nz

On 2/05/2019 1:48 AM, Sam Bushman wrote:

When you use read to end – then want to get a link to click on – how do you find the link – highlight it and then click on it.

You press esc or another key to stop the read to end – then you need to arrow around to find the link to click on. I just get blank over and over. Any other suggestions?



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Why are you down arrowing through the message?  Do you have to do so for some reason?  If you use read to end, no blank lines will be spoken.



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Hi All,


I have two main problems with outlook 2016 – the 32bit version that you can download and install from office 365.


  1. I get blank line over and over when arrowing through messages. Is there a way to ignore / compress more than one blank line in a row?
  2. Often the outlook crashes and restarts. This only happens with NVDA. I have briefed several on this list before and have sent in logs etc. Does this crashing on certain messages happen to anyone else? If I view the message by either looking at it from a forward or a reply it doesn’t crash.

Thanks so much for any input.



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