Re: NVDA and Combo Boxes, Agreements?


I'm not advocating for it because I have used other screen-readers.  I'm advocating for it because I've tried both ways.  Also, web pages aren't
seen in browse mode by blind people the way a sighted person sees them whether this feature is on or off.  A sighted person doesn't see a cursor on a web page except when in an edit field.  Blind people in browse mode use a virtual cursor.  A sighted person doesn't have to write except when in an edit field of a web page.  He/she looks at the screen.  A blind person has to move around the screen as in a document with a virtual cursor to accomplish this.
Many times, people want scripts to be written to read information in a specific order and to skip information that is clutter for what they are doing. 
What if you are working with some sort of data base program for a job and you need to hear fields one and five and nothing else when looking at an entry.  The whole point is to customize what is read so you don't hear three items in each entry that are irrelevant to the information you need.  And if there is a sixth field, you don't want that read to distract you from the information you have heard because you don't need that information.

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One would argue though, that separating links and other controls on their own line is a feature rather than how a screen reader (which should try and lay out elements on a page similarly to how a sighted person sees it) should operate. Persons that normally advocate for this change are previous users of other screen readers, but I doubt that is enough to justify the change.

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