Re: NVDA and Combo Boxes, Agreements?

Andre Fisher


As it relates to your last point, I'm lost as to the purpose of what you are saying. Now, note that I said that NVDA Tries to lay out the information similarly to how sighted persons see it on a page. Screen reader users and sighted folk, obviously, use and see web pages differently, but the idea of screen layout is to provide blind persons with what can be classified as a visual layout.

For me, and this is when I just switched to NVDA, I found that this was better for my needs. On some web pages, it allowed me to quickly pass a number of links, for example, without using the N key. Form fields as well, as I knew the shortcut to move between them. Having each link on its own line, I found, made reading a page take longer, and when reading on Wikipedia, for example, was not very intuitive.

I wonder though, how many new screen readers would actually change to simple layout (turning screen layout off)?

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