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I answered a similar request some weeks ago when I recommended a site designed for blind users which gives an ad free interface to search for and play YouTube videos.  The link is:
After opening the site, use the e key to jump to the search edit box, then  hit the spacebar to move into focus mode (unless you have auto mode switching set in NVDA).  Type in your search criteria, then pres tab to move to a combo box where you set the number of results per page.  Set this to 10, 20 or 50, then press tab again.  You landin another combo box where you can choose between videos, channels or playlists (I only ever use videos which is the default).  Tab again to the search button and press spacebar to run the search.
The results appear in a numbered list which you can access using the h key.  Press this repeatedly and when you find one you want to play, press tab to move focus to it and press enter.  A dialog box opens for the chosen video.  Again use the h key to jup to the different sections, which include player controls, pla details, video information and video comments. You can use the b key to jump to the various player control buttons.
After video has played, use alt+left arrow to return to the results list dialog at the point where you left it.
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Hi guys,
Quite a while ago I posted here about the very same subject and at that time there was a workaround that really worked like a charm.
Trouble is, it doesn't seem to work anymore.

So, would any of you happen to know of a way to get to the comments' section on a YouTube video in a reliable manner?
Lately, for me, it's been a hit and miss. And honestly, let me tell you, it has been more of a miss than a hit. Really not fun to waste so much time with something that should be easy peasy, as I like to say.

I'm sending this one to the NVDA add-ons list as well, in case someone thinks it'd be a good idea to make an add-on to work with it and give it a solution once and for all.
Were I happen to have enough skills with it I could, should and would very well start such a project.

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