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I'm not sure what that is, but there are several ways to send rich text emails. You can encode them in base 64 so high bits are sent and displayed against 7 bit for normal plain text or you can send them html coded and this also has mark up and of course often the graphics are in fact sent as kind of invisible attaches and the little graphics displayed in the right places by the mark up.

It might be an idea to turn off automatically download graphics and see if that works. Some emails even have the audacity to go to web servers to get the graphics which in my view poses a security risk. I have them turned off. I'm assuming the newer versions of Outlook still have this ability. You still get the alt tags, and the page is much faster to download and display as well.

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I got this crashes as well on some messages, most of them contain the official twitter icon in a signature. I tested it
with the sender, without this twitter icon in their signature Outlook doesn't crash.



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Subject: [nvda] blank lines in outlook 2016

Hi All,

I have two main problems with outlook 2016 - the 32bit version that you can download and install from office 365.

1. I get blank line over and over when arrowing through messages. Is there a way to ignore / compress more than one
blank line in a row?
2. Often the outlook crashes and restarts. This only happens with NVDA. I have briefed several on this list before
and have sent in logs etc. Does this crashing on certain messages happen to anyone else? If I view the message by either
looking at it from a forward or a reply it doesn't crash.

Thanks so much for any input.


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