Re: key assignments in NVDA

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Press the numlock key to turn numlock on


From: <> On Behalf Of mhysnm1964@...
Sent: Freitag, 3. Mai 2019 14:13
Subject: [nvda] key assignments in NVDA




Is it possible to remap keys in NVDA? As I am using a laptop with a numerical keypad. I am also using the NVDA laptop layout. I want the number pad to be used as normal cursor keys, page up and page down, ETC. But NVDA is overriding this behaviour and forces the use of Object Nav. Any ideas on how to get around this? As the laptop keyboard to jump to home, end, delete is at the top of the keyboard which is quite a pain. FN left/right arrow key does not change to home and end.




I wish NVDA had the option to switch between use of Object Nav (default behaviour) and a normal keypad.

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