Win 10 1809 Has Finally Showed Its Face To Me


Hi guys,
So, subject says it all. The thing finally found me and I must say I'm loving it.
A few little problems here and there, specially with my sound driver which for some reason is behaving in a little weird way but overall it's quite good.
The thing I most expected, the new clipboard, I can say for sure that's a godsend if you are one of the people who does repeated tasks with the same text :)

Now, there's something I really am not knowing how to deal with. It's the pin function.
I've read that you can pin the most used items to your clipboard so it won't disappear when computer restarts, but NVDA doesn't seem to have access to this option. Would anyone by chance know how it works?

Marcio AKA Starboy

Sent from a galaxy far, far away.

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