Re: changing what NVDA says when a punctuation mark is typed


There are two places for changing the way period is spoken.  One is written as . sentence ending and the other is just a period.  The sentence ending option has a period at the beginning, for those with punctuation announcement off.  Did you just change one?  If so, try changing both if you always want period spoken as period.  I wouldn't want to hear period.  It's three sylables instead of one and, while it wouldn't slow down reading more than just a small amount, I want to get information such as punctuation as efficiently as possible.  You may do whatever you like, of course, but it might be worth considering trying the default settings to see if you get used to them. 

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Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2019 5:09 PM
Subject: [nvda] changing what NVDA says when a punctuation mark is typed

Hi all,

I would like to hear NVDA say period instead of dot when I press a
period and I'd like it to say apostrophe instead of tick when I press an
apostrophe. I found where to change this in the menus and I saved it,
but I still hear dot when I press period and tick when I press
apostrophe even though when I checked back where I made the change it
appears that the changes I made are still there.

In case I did something wrong, I highlighted the 2 things I wanted to
change and tabbed once to the edit field and typed what I wanted to hear
in place of what was there then I tabbed to okay. Can anybody help?



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