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There are often multiple places you need to change it to account for the various uses of the symbol. i have now managed to change bang into exclamation and ^ to point up and many others like number to hash etc to cope with the uk way of saying stuff.
You may need to hunt for them and then save the settings. It is quite a long process but you only need to do it once. I know I miss one when it says it but finding it, ah, that is the long bit!

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Subject: [nvda] changing what NVDA says when a punctuation mark is typed

Hi all,

I would like to hear NVDA say period instead of dot when I press a period and I'd like it to say apostrophe instead of tick when I press an apostrophe. I found where to change this in the menus and I saved it, but I still hear dot when I press period and tick when I press apostrophe even though when I checked back where I made the change it appears that the changes I made are still there.

In case I did something wrong, I highlighted the 2 things I wanted to change and tabbed once to the edit field and typed what I wanted to hear in place of what was there then I tabbed to okay. Can anybody help?



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