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Shaun Oliver

what's any of this to do with NVDA?

On 5/05/2019 19:34, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well, for ages I dreamed about owning an iphone.

I was about to become part of the collective, but the prices are high, with itunes only being a music transfer app and podcast downloader and places to buy subscriptions and music/book content as well as updates its suddenly not worth it.

Then there is this face id crap, especially since the health of my eyes are not doing well, its almost impossible to use normal security and photo recognition systems allready.

And once my eyes get ripped out I won't be able to use any of those systems anyway.

Then there is this stupid apple music format which will not play on anything bar apple.

Then there is this icloud business.

Icloud is not as accessible as it once was, its usable but naah not going there.

Now that doesn't mean I won't become one with the borg its just I won't use it as a communication interface.

At least not the apple cube.

I am allready so heavily into the google section off the borg I am getting  an android device, yes, with all the security issues, and stuff that goes with it but I get storage options for external storage and can do whatever I want.

I know talkback exists on the devices I know there are accessible things like mobile access suite and or synaptic if I really get a need to customise things, I obviously want to have access to all my simple stuff but as I adapt to it I want more access to everything else.

One thing that is even pushing me to get assimilated is simply because there are a lot more apps to test than standard windows ones, its clear I need to switch my game up to get into the next level of the cyberverse.

On the other side as long as they exist I can for ever more get and upgrade talks on my devices, then again, I will always need a 32 bit system to update and or use them so well there you go.

I could use an old apple device but to be honest, samsung or even nokia seem to be the push for a lot, I want pure droid to be honest, google devices don't use external storage sadly though.

But google devices do use usb c which does mean I guess I could run a hub off it with usbc ssd drives on and you can buy some now.

On 5/05/2019 9:16 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
I'll add my voice to this also. Itunes is becoming more like some kind of creature which has begun to breed uncontrollably!
Now which option does this or that, oh you want my  Iphone  log in yet a 26th time, really?
bah humbug.

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Anyone of you know any third party ITunes-like IOS management software, e.g. ITools, Iphone box, syncios, etc, that is accessible using NVDA?

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