Re: Switching from Win7 To Win10?

Kevin Huber

What is the difference between standard support and extended support?
Kevin Huber

On 7/8/16, Antony Stone <> wrote:
Microsoft's standard support for Windows 7 ended on 13th January 2015.

Extended support ends on 14th January 2020.

See for details.


On Friday 08 July 2016 at 15:23:44, David Russell wrote:

Hello Group members,

I have held off on switching from Win7 to Win10 until now, and note
that in North America, switching is free until July 29.

I believe for vision-impaired NVDA users, myself included, resources
like the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk will help one switch.

I use NVDA, FireFox, MS Word, Jarte, and Google as primary programs
and often listen to online radio through

Have bugs been sufficiently resolved to make switching a viable option?

Has anyone seen how long Microsoft intends to provide support for Win7
beyond July 2016?

I bought my computer last September, and hope to retain it for at
least 3 more years. Thanks for input.
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