Please help me: About background color in word 2010 with NVDA.


Dear All,
I have a question about Microsoft word 2010 with NVDA and here is my situation.
- I'm a freelance content writer and today I got a request regarding keywords in my content.
- They want the letter's color of all keywords to be in black like all the words in document.
the exceptional things is :
- the keyword must be bold, this is not my problem because just CTRL + b can do it for me.
- they want the background color to be changed in the diffent color depending on each keywords while the letter color is still the same as whole document.
Previously I select the keyword and use the different color which I can do from the color in Font Style menu. So, the color is different e.g. keyword is green but other is black. That is not the thing they want for this case.

 How can I do to change only the background color at the position of the keyword while anything else is the same?

Sorry for my English, but please help me.
Thank you.

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