Highlight Colors with NVDA in Word and Outlook

Ed Marquette

This question was inspired both by a problem I’ve been having and by the post about colors in Word.
Sighted people like to use “highlight” in email messages and in draft word documents.
This highlighting, I think, is just shifting the background color to a constant.  The highlight color may be changed, but it is often yellow.  One may search for this highlighting in Word (not sure about Outlook).  
I cannot get NVDA to identify this highlighted text.  NVDA Key + f does not disclose that the text is highlighted or that the colors have changed.  I’ve pressed NVDA Key + F on highlighted text and, within the same line, text that is not highlighted, and the same colors are reported.
I’ve searched the entire keyboard, using keyboard help the NVDA Key and some other key combination.  So far, I have come up empty.
Surely I am missing something.  This problem  has to have been experienced by others.

Thank you for any assistance you may furnish.

On May 6, 2019, at 5:19 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

By the way, this topic really has nothing to do with NVDA, and everything to do with MS-Word.  I got carried away myself and then realized, afterward, that everything I'd done to get the steps is completely independent of NVDA - it's all applicable only to MS-Word whether one is using a screen reader or not.

If there are more questions on this we need to move it to the Chat Subgroup, as it really doesn't belong here:

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