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That won't work as I recall unless you are using another screen--reader.  JAWS lets you hear Avast speech.  Probably no other wscreen-readers do.  That's because, years ago, Avast developers let JAWS access the program to get speech but they had to specifically allow that program.  If you use NVDA, as I recall, you won't have speech when the Windows uninstaller runs the Avast uninstaller.
Its been years since I've uninstalled Avast.  Using JAWS, try using the Windows uninstaller.  At some point, you will not have speech.  You are on something that doesn't speak asking if you are sure about something.  Press the space bar and you will have speech.  There are a lot of items you tab through, I believe they are check boxes.  I don't recall if you can just uninstall the program or if you have to check all or all applicable check boxes,  You can see what they say and proceed accordingly.
One or two list members have said that uninstalling Avast causes one or two problems such as not being able to see settings in Drop Box options.  Perhaps using the installer instead of the uninstallation tool will uninstall the program and not cause such problems.  The Avast web site says to use the uninstaller and then use the tool if the uninstaller doesn't remove the program.

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Why not simply use Control Panel, Programs & Features?   Find Avast, activate the Uninstall link.

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