Re: need help removing avast


Brian, this is a problem w/a lot of antivirus software--their
uninstallers don't work w/speech. I had a heck of a time uninstalling
Norton from a machine I'd bought. & all the techniques that used to
work ie, using some of the malware fighting tools to remove them
simply don't now. It's a real pita. I finally had to get sighted
assistance. Hurt my pride.

On 5/7/19, Jaffar Sidek <jaffar.sidek10@...> wrote:
Hi. Here is my dropbox link for the avast removal tool.  Hope you find
it useful.  Cheers!

On 5/7/2019 10:13 PM, Margus Ojaots wrote:
Hello. Avast antivirus came with another program. Now, i would like to
remove it, but it doesnt say anything when moving with tab or arrows.
Can someone help?

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