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Aravind R

Thank you very much dear Adriano. after overwriting i am also
able to set permanent city successfully. initially i too had problem.

On 5/8/19, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io
<> wrote:
Hi Richard,

Thanks, apologies accepted.



Il 08/05/2019 16:37, Richard Wells ha scritto:

Adriano: I downloaded and copied in the file. The next time I started
NVDA, it asked to update Weather Plus. Once that was done it allowed me to
set a city. Thank you for all your hard work and please forgive me for
sounding ungrateful to you. Providing trouble-shooting information
feedback was no place to express my personal frustration with the add-on
not working for me.

On 5/8/2019 1:31 AM, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io wrote:

Ah yes, the attachments do not pass, so download it:

overwrite the homonym file in:




Il 08/05/2019 07:57, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io ha scritto:

Hi Remi,

Last Modified 07/05/2019 22:50

Here it is attached.

I have to leave this afternoon, I'll be back on Monday, I can count on
you? I don't have a portable PC.



Il 08/05/2019 00:39, Rémy Ruiz ha scritto:

Hi Adriano,

If this is the name of the file, I already have it, it is the first
corrective, the second corrective carries the same date.; 186 294; 48 099; Python File; 07/05/2019 18:46; 3D558965

Thanks for confirmation.



Other things:

HiDoug Lee and all,
Thanks very much for your excellent explanation.
I do not use linux, I use Windows, but because the repository where
Weather_Plus is located does not use the Windows convention for CRLF?
The Notepadplusplus is used for the elaboration of the files
and they are encoded in UTF-8, I think that this is also used for the
elaboration of the source files, if I am not mistaken all the word
processor use the CRLF convention if you have Windows?
I think Zvonimir  should use this convension and not the LF convension
used by Linux seems more logical to me.
What you think?
How to avoid this in the future I do not know?
Thank you for this passionate debate.

Doug Lee <>
date  mardi 07/05/2019 à 22:29
[nvda-addons] Important note for Weather_Plus6.0 translators

English first:

Linux and Windows create text files differently: In Linux, lines end
with a line-feed character, or LF. In Windows, lines end with two
characters: A carriage return, or CR, followed by a line feed, LF. We
commonly abbreviate these as LF and CRLF, respectively.

Zvonimir was saying that the project uses the LF convention but your
files use the CRLF convention. The result is that comparing original
files with your files will make it seem like you changed every line in
the files. This, of course, is an accident; but it makes detecting
actual code changes more difficult.

My best, with Google's help, at Spanish for the above:

Anglais en premier:

Linux et Windows créent des fichiers texte différemment: Sous Linux,
les lignes se terminent par un caractère de saut de ligne, ou LF. Sous
Windows, les lignes se terminent par deux caractères: un retour à la
ligne, ou CR, suivi d’un saut de ligne, LF. Nous les abrégons
couramment en LF et CRLF, respectivement.

Zvonimir disait que le projet utilise la convention LF mais que vos
fichiers utilisent la convention CRLF. Le résultat est que la
comparaison des fichiers originaux avec vos fichiers donne l'impression
que vous avez changé chaque ligne des fichiers. Ceci, bien sûr, est un
accident; mais cela rend plus difficile la détection des modifications
de code réelles.

Mon meilleur, avec l'aide de Google, en espagnol pour ce qui précède:

On Tue, May 07, 2019 at 09:36:37PM +0200, R??my Ruiz wrote:
A thousand apologies, I do not understand any of this I put the files
as they are in the addon, which is this I'm not a programmer or
anything like that, that's why I do not understand what you mean, tell
Noelia to explain me in Spanish or Abdel in french, Thank you.


Le 07/05/2019 à 21:24, zvonimir stanečić, 9a5dsz a écrit :
The only thing is, that the project was conferted to the clrf.
I.e line endings.
These were in lf.
Oops! Please be careful next time...

I am fork this one and i made mi changes now after read this message:

git add .

git commit -m "my message"

git push origin master

All is fine with last sources corrected by Adriano.

Le 07/05/2019 à 23:55, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io a écrit :


I have fixed 2 bugs recently.

download again, remove any Weather_Plus version and install again
Weather_Plus 6.0.

Let them know



Il 07/05/2019 22:46, Jarek.Krcmar ha scritto:


I have problem with the Weather plus.

I could start it, Windows has seen it not anyway.

So, I have uninstalled and installed Nvda and than Weather plus.

But I can't set my town.

Where is a problem, please?

Could you help me?



Dne 07-05-2019 v 12:30 Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io napsal(a):

Hi to every one,

Note for those who were using versions 5 of Weather_Plus (Apixu

The list of cities you have is not compatible with this new version,
don't worry, Weather_Plus will allow you to retrieve them via the
settings window.

Changes in this version:

??? Weather Plus returns to using the Yahoo Weather API.
??? Virtually all the features of the previous version 4.8 are back
and keeps the "Rename" button.

??? Now compatible also with Python 3.

??? NVDA compatibility: 2017.3 to 2019.1

Weather_Plus can update itself, however you can download it from the
following page:

Thanks in advance Noelia, Remy, Abdel, and Svonimir for yoursgreat
commitment to include Weather_Plus in the automatic translation
system and restoring the download link on the international page.

Best regards

Adriano Barbieri

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