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Just because something is free doesn't mean that it should be used.  I don't know if your problems with menus are typical or just some odd problem you are having.  If the problem is common, I would never upgrade.  The context menu is not equivalent to the full menus.  The full menus are one of the basic parts of Windows.  Free or not, if this is a common problem, I wouldn't do something that caused access to such a basic part of Windows and Windows programs to be lost. 
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So far, Win 10 works just the same as Win 7. That is, it saved
everything--all my programs and all my desktop shortcuts so I can just
type in a letter or two and start anything I want.  The only big thing
I've noticed is that pull down menus don't work at all for some reason.
If I hit alt and down arrow, I get nonsense and don't know what it means
or wants. However, if I just hit the application key, then I get the old
style file menu with all the good old choices and I can do anything I
want just as I always did.  Just one small thing to learn to keep using
it.  It has never crashed, nor caused anything else to crash so far, and
seems as stable as Win 7 ever did.  I would feel very mad if I had to
pay for this, but because it's a free upgrade, I have no objections to
it at all.


On 7/8/2016 6:50 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
> Well I do think then they have failed reguardless.
> For those of us  still on 7 there is a  reason why.
> Lets see.
> 1.  the start menu.
> For those on 7 its ok, in fact its better than ok.
> In 10 we will have to either get used to the other one or fix it so it
> works.
> 2.   explorer.
> In 7 its its ribboned and buttoned and makes no sence and I
> don't know how to do a lot of things in it.
> 3.  universal apps, who uses them more importantly why would you they
> suck anyway.
> 4, mobile windows, same as 3.
> 5. edge, ie has issues, edge sucks to be honest we are happy with
> firefox or chrome at least I am.
> 6. mail, it did suck but to be honest I have been using thunderbird
> for so long I don't care.
> 7, the store, groove music, etc, don't need it what is wrong with what
> I am using.
> 8.  ms account, nice if you have chained devices but most of us don't
> we don't even use onedrive.
> 8.  stability, win7 is stable and doesn't care what hardware you have
> for now at least.
> 9, windows10 sucks.
> You know as users that said f**ck you win8x that ms would have
> listened to us.
> I feel as one of those users while they have listened partly its only
> in part.
> Win10 is still win8x with extra junk we don't need.
> I'll use it eventually but hmmm.
> With uia and its inconsistancies etc, I am left hanging wandering what
> I am missing.
> Win7 is the most stable windows.
> And while I will use it win10 has been anything but stable.
> I just want the hype to calm down so we can start on win11.
> Now they are trying to help.
> What about all the hastles with the gwx program, a little to late.
> Office is much the same, office 2003 was fine, 2007 was ok, 2010 was
> well fine but now its hmmm I don't know.
> As a user that has stood back till I will eventually have to I do feel
> ms has let us down by not fully listening to its userbase once again.
> What I want is a simple win7 style explorer, menu, etc, with the local
> account system we have always had using the old but stable programs we
> always have done for our desktop computers.
> With the ability to switch modes to others as we need or wish to start
> and stop programs, etc.
> Now I am not saying they didn't try, but its not enough as far as I care.
> And they are including us more as users, they could still do a load
> better.
> I will stay with win7 till it dies or till my computer dies or till I
> get a system with 10 on it which is brand new.
> Thing is there are probably enough units round I won't ever need to do
> that.
> I am not a businessman.
> I don't need complex stuff and a simple interface like win7 has been
> has helped a lot.
> Heck xp would be fine though I do like the 7 interface now.
> I can get by on 10 I guess I want all my sounds back and the freedom
> to do as I have always done.
> If I could load my os kernal and run whatever desktop I wanted on it I
> would, but still run my windows programs I would.
> I  have spent a bit to much to drop to linux though.
> On 9/07/2016 2:55 a.m., Gene wrote:
>> Microsoft all but admitted that it failed the disabled community.  It
>> said that if you are disabled, you can switch after the deadline.
>> I don't know how they determine that you are disabled.  You might
>> want to ask.  From: David Russell
>> If it were me, I wouldn't swittch.
>> Gene
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>> Hello Group members,
>> I have held off on switching from Win7 to Win10 until now, and note
>> that in North America, switching is free until July 29.
>> I believe for vision-impaired NVDA users, myself included, resources
>> like the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk will help one switch.
>> I use NVDA, FireFox, MS  Word,  Jarte, and Google as primary programs
>> and often listen to online radio through
>> Have bugs been sufficiently resolved to make switching a viable option?
>> Has anyone seen how long Microsoft intends to provide support for Win7
>> beyond July 2016?
>> I bought my computer last September, and hope to retain it for at
>> least 3 more years. Thanks for input.
>> Cheers,

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