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this topic is now closed. It is off-topic, the subject states it is off-topic, I believed this morning that the thread would die, but it has not. Please, if a thread is off-topic, if it does not relate to NVDA, do not post it to this group and certainly, do not reply to it on this group. This discussion is better had on the chat list, or on other tech mailing lists.


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I’m sure google Docs can do this. I know I’ve filled out forms this way before.



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Another one that didn’t get the memo 🤣


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Hello list. This is the genesis of the question. I have to build a form for an event registration. I tried out Jotform. Unless I’m severely mistaken, it doesn’t work well at all with screen reading software.


Very simple question. What form building services do work well with screen readers? Google Forms is okay, I recall. Any others out there? Please respond to my email address: govsta@...

If you have any ideas.


If it helps you any, I have a website with Wordpress installed. If you can suggest any good plugins, I’d entertain those as well. Thanks in advance for any ideas you can throw my way.



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