Re: outlook 2016 and NVDA 2019.1.1: nvda's focus does not go to next/previous message after pressing up/down key in message list



excuse me for not being clear enough.

I checked object navigation and screen review and she has nvda set on object navigation (object review). also tried with changing a review with same results.

This sentence is my reply to your suggestions.

due to I cannot find button for attachments on a web interface of this group I am post in a log here in message body. hope, it will help.

And here I wrote, why a log is pasted in a message body. It is not related to the problem, it is only a commentary, because someone was writing months ago about pasting and/or attaching nvda logs.

hope, that I'm clearer now.

Again, log represents, what happens, when arrow key is pressed in message list and shows an unspecified error.

thanks for your effort to help me.

regards, Jo┼żef

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