Re: Problems With My Computer Keyboard

Luke Davis

Have you tried just turning on NVDA keyboard describer mode (NVDA-1), and pressing some of the upper row buttons on your laptop keyboard, usually the ones on the right hand side? One of them should show up as numlock. If none do, find your FN key, which is usually one of the keys to the left of your space bar, or at the bottom left of the keyboard. It will be the one that isn't control, windows, or alt. Find that FN key, hold it down, and try those upper right keys again until you find numlock.

After you figure out what key, or key combination with FN, is the numlock, turn off key describer mode, and press that key/key combination. If it doesn't help, press it again. If that doesn't help, try pressing it/them with shift.

I suggest trying this while in notepad or the like, so you can actually be entering text somewhere.

It is possible, though unlikely I should think, that the numlock on your laptop keyboard is not synchronized to the numlock on your external keyboard. I have only rarely actually seen that behavior, and never with a normal external keyboard only with standalone numpads, but I imagine there might be a circumstance where this happens in some od configuration of laptop.



On Tue, 7 May 2019, Jackie wrote:

You've got your numlock pressed, it sounds like. I have no idea where
it is on your keyboard, (that tends to be very nonstandard from 1
keyboard to another) so I'm not much help that way, but if you've got
a sighted person around, that key often lights up. Also, you might
want to go to the eas of access center & turn on toggle keys; that way
numlock should beep when pressed either off or on.

On 5/7/19, Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:
Hi good people:
I am having problems with my computer keyboard, and not with NVDA.
My keyboard is malfunctioning. Some keys are just not functioning
For instance the letters J K L now types 1 2 3 U I L now types 4 5 6,
letter M now types 0 letter P now types * the slash key now types +.
Added to this some keys are not just working at all: the letter z key
is no longer working. When I press the letter A with the capital
letter, it doesn't get capitalised.
This is a problem peculiar to the keyboard on my laptop computer. I
am using an external keyboard to write this mail.
Please has any one had this problem before? how did you get around it,
or how was it resolved.
Or does anyone understand what the problem is and how it can be fixed.
I use an acer laptop computer. It has nothing to do with the
operating system, because as I said earlier, I am using an external
keyboard without any issues.
Hope to read a solution.

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