Proposal to set NVDA's desktop layout object navigation keys to be active in desktop layout only

Quentin Christensen

Following on from the Key assignments in NVDA thread, I have created an issue on GitHub: 

Basically, the desktop layout object navigation and review cursor keys in NVDA are actually set to be active for ALL keyboard layouts.

Laptop layout was designed for users without a number pad, but there are users who use Laptop layout but still have a number pad and wish to use this for navigation (Without NVDA running, the number pad, with numlock off, replicates the navigation keys of home, end, page up, page down, insert, delete and the arrow keys and some laptops have a number pad but no separate navigation keys).

My proposal then is to set the desktop object navigation / review cursor keys to be active in desktop layout only.

If there is anyone who uses laptop layout but still wants to access the desktop layout object navigation keys, please let us know!

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Quentin Christensen
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