Re: Bad boots of NVDA


Actually, another way to do this is to go to your NVDA desktop
shortcut & press alt enter once it's highlighted. You'll be in the
properties dialog box. Tab till you hear "shortcut : hotkey field"
(likely, you'll tab twice). It should say control + alt +n, assuming
the hotkey has not been changed, & assuming a US keyboard
configuration, as other configurations may differ.

On 5/9/19, Roger Stewart <> wrote:
I have a couple configuration profiles but I did nothing to the standard
nvda start shortcut nor have I reassigned any function in any add on to
that shortcut.

On 5/9/2019 3:01 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Hi Roger

I have not noticed this on boot as you describe, but I have
experienced it while using web browsers and in other contexts (but
mainly with Firefox).
When it happens, I can usually do a control-alt-n, the standard start
NVDA shortcut key, which kills the running copy and starts a new one.
Note, that this is not an NVDA key, it is a Windows shortcut key.

It was unclear from your messages whether you actually tried this.

If you have, and it doesn't work: then as someone else suggested, you
may have re-mapped that key to something.  The only way I can think of
to determine whether that is the case, is to enter key describer mode
(nvda-1), and then press control-alt-n.  If NVDA restarts, it probably
hasn't been reassigned, at least not in the standard profile.

Do you have any configuration profiles setup?


On Thu, 9 May 2019, Roger Stewart wrote:

I've been noticing that somewhat often now, whenever I boot up my
computer, nvda comes on, but all its hotkeys are dead. I can't even
use nvda q to try to restart it. I have a P View utility that shows
all processes running and can offer to stop any of them. I can then
stop NVDA and then start it with its normal hotkey and then all is
good. This is the only way I can get it going correctly aside from a
total reboot. This has happened 3 times over the past week.  Does
anyone know what causes this and is there any better way of getting
out of this?

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