Re: Proposal to set NVDA's desktop layout object navigation keys to be active in desktop layout only

Luke Davis

On Thu, 9 May 2019, Tyler Wood wrote:

I personally use both commands when it suits me. Is there any reason in particular this is being done or is it simply to make things less confusing?
The reason is, that people using laptop layout, but who also have a number pad, have a reasonable expectation that since they are using laptop layout, that number pad will be available to do standard navigation (home, end, up, down, page up, page down).
Currently, it is not--the desktop layout object nav keys are still there in laptop layout, which doesn't make much sense.

Can this perhaps be toggleable? I find it super nice, for example, to hit a command on the num pad with one hand but other times I really enjoy the laptop
layout. It just depends what I’m doing at the time.
Not my question to answer, but personally I would think having it off by default, with a checkbox in keyboard config to turn it back on if desired, would not be objectionable.
"Replicate object navigation on number pad in laptop layout"


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