Re: Proposal to set NVDA's desktop layout object navigation keys to be active in desktop layout only


Years ago, I suggested and argued that a way be found to allow numpad insert numpad 2 to function as a read to end command, as it does in JAWS.  JAWS also allows any JAWS key to be used with down arrow on the main keyboard, and NVDA allows any NVD A key to be used with down arrow on the main keyboard.  So in that respect, they function with the same pattern.  But this command, one which is very popular among JAWS users, and all the other numpad commands would also be available in NVDA if the numpad were allowed to function in the default way in laptop layout.  In other words, numpad 4 would be equivalent to left arrow, numpad 6 would be equivalent to right arrow, etc.  Holding the numpad insert and using numpad 4 and 6 would move you back and forward by word, at least as I understand matters.  My understanding is that JAWS doesn't alter the numpad functioning in any way, thus allowing it to perform its default actions. 
This would make NVDA far more friendly to those who already use the Numpad this way in JAWS if they are switching or using it as another screen-reader, and it would also make it far friendlier to those who use JAWS in this way because they have problems using both hands.  It is not at all friendly to force people to either use either insert and the down arrow on the main keyboard, an uncomfortable command I very much object to for such a common command as read to end, or to have to use capslock down arrow on the main keyboard, which requires two hands.  now, it might finally be done.
I have no objection to this being user controlable, having the ability to have the numpad on and off regarding NVDA functions in laptop mode.  But the option to have it off should be there and it should probably be the default.  And when using the desktop layout, why not have the same option so that desktop users who seldom use object navigation or flat review can have this option as well.  But with the desktop, the numpad NVDA functions should be on by default.
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From: Luke Davis
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Proposal to set NVDA's desktop layout object navigationkeys to be active in desktop layout only

On Thu, 9 May 2019, Tyler Wood wrote:

> I personally use both commands when it suits me. Is there any reason in particular this is being done or is it simply to make things less confusing?

The reason is, that people using laptop layout, but who also have a number pad,
have a reasonable expectation that since they are using laptop layout, that
number pad will be available to do standard navigation (home, end, up, down,
page up, page down).
Currently, it is not--the desktop layout object nav keys are still there in
laptop layout, which doesn't make much sense.

> Can this perhaps be toggleable? I find it super nice, for example, to hit a command on the num pad with one hand but other times I really enjoy the laptop
> layout. It just depends what I’m doing at the time.

Not my question to answer, but personally I would think having it off by
default, with a checkbox in keyboard config to turn it back on if desired, would
not be objectionable.
"Replicate object navigation on number pad in laptop layout"


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