Re: Proposal to set NVDA's desktop layout object navigation keys to be active in desktop layout only

Luke Davis

Responding to Ed Marquette's point: you would need a 4th, as Gene described, so that people who want desktop layout but don't want the numpad to act as review/object nav controls, can have that option.

So instead of all of these different intricate keyboard layout choices, it would seem more reasonable to me to keep the two current layouts, but have now two checkboxes under keyboard:

Numpad controls NVDA cursers in laptop layout (default to off)
Numpad controls NVDA cursers in desktop layout (default to on)

This would provide all possible options, without requiring a plethora of layout choices. It would also keep the setting from reverting when you changed keyboard layout choices--you would just get whatever functionality you had your checkboxes set to.

I would suggest further a keyboard shortcut to toggle numpad nav no matter what layout you're in, unassigned by default. That covers those who like to change their numpad functionality on the fly, but wouldn't get in the way of people who have no idea what this is all about.


On Thu, 9 May 2019, Ed Marquette wrote:

You may want to consider those of us who use a laptop, but who frequently either plug in a USP keyboard with a full number ped or plug the laptop into a
port replication device and use a dedicated full keyboard with a number pad.
We frequently carry the laptop back and forth, using either the built-in keyboard with no number pad  or use the external keyboard.  For this reason, I like
to keep the laptop set to laptop mode, but just use the separate number pad if it is   available.
Sometimes, when I’m concentrating, I forget what is actually enabled.  So, if laptop keyboard is always engaged and I have a full keyboard, I just use the
separate number pad, and use the laptop navigation keys either when there is no separate number pad  or when I’m just concentrating.
Why not have an option three, e.g.:
1.  Laptop mode (with number pad functions disabled);
2.  Desktop; and
3.  Laptop with number pad still enabled?

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