Re: Proposal to set NVDA's desktop layout object navigation keys to be active in desktop layout only

Luke Davis

On Fri, 10 May 2019, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Yes, you can make arguments for and against all of those points (for instance, I still don't see my proposal as restricting functionality, as there would
still be at least ONE way of doing everything still at any given time), but there is no single solution that is going to work for everyone.  Yes it can be
useful to be able to do something from the number if you are there, or from the main keyboard, if you are there, but the intention of laptop keyboard layout
was to provide the ability to access all NVDA functions for those using laptops which didn't have number pads - it wasn't supposed to be just a way of
duplicating functionality [.]
What I need to do, is work out what the best setup is for the majority of users, out of the box, and the easiest way to adjust the functionality for those
who desire that [.]
In another message (a few minutes ago), I proposed (1) adopting your proposal, which is still the most reasonable starting position, as the default; (2) then providing two checkboxes under keyboard options, to customize for users who want that. Lastly I added (3) an unassigned gesture to switch the numpad to the other state on the fly.

I say now: if you are concerned about simplicity, why not do (1) and (3), and eliminate (2)? That would have your proposal as the default (numpad nav in desktop, default numpad in laptop), and allow users who want it, and understand what they need, to make a keystroke (gesture) to toggle the state of the numpad in whatever layout their in. Hidden from those who would be confused, but there for those who need advanced configurations; and the default would behave as one would expect. No extra checkboxes, and still only two layouts needed.

Make that toggle state save with saved settings for those users who want to set one unusual config and forget it.


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