help with automatic language switching

Ibrahim Abedrabbo

Hello folks,

I used to be a member of the NVDA emailing list few years ago, but I signed out due to the heavy traffic.  Now I am signing up again to seek some assistance in figuring out the automatic language switching on a braille display.

I am currently using the latest version of NVDA and I use the Braille sense Plus as my Braille  Display.  I am also using the latest version of Vocalizer Expressive to have access to multi-lingual support.  On my PC I have the English, Arabic, and Hebrew voices.  The automatic language switching among the three voices is fine.  However, I realized that I can only see English on my Braille display, and when I encounter an Arabic or Hebrew word or phrase it displays gibberish on my Braille Sense. 

Is there a way of setting my NVDA Braille settings so that it would switch among the three languages automatically?  I know that I can switch among the Braille tables manually, but at times I have more than one language in the same document or even the same sentence.  Is this an NVDA issue or a vocalizer issue?  Is this the right forum to figure out if there is a solution to this problem?


I truly appreciate your help in this matter.


Ibrahim Ali

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