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Antony Stone

This is exactly what I am saying could be done better, if the local copy of
NVDA *did* interpret the keystrokes (because it knows the remote copy is going
to do that anyway, so one or other of them has to do it) and then send the
commands which those keystrokes mean to the remote copy of NVDA.

This would avoid the confusion around "do both versions have the same keyboard
layout?" etc., and simply means that the local copy sends special command
codes to the remote copy, which then executes them as though they had come
from interpreting the keystrokes instead.

Pressing F11 on your own machine then switches NVDA from "interpreting your
keystrokes and acting on them" to "interpreting your keystrokes and sending a
command code to the other end".

NVDA Remote in slave mode receives NVDA command codes and acts on them, as
well as keystrokes (for applications etc.) and just passes them through to the
current active application.


On Friday 10 May 2019 at 14:58:01, Chris Mullins wrote:

NVDA isn't interpreting the keystrokes, It's just behaving as normal in
that it takes input from the keyboard and either sees it as an NVDA
command, app input or operating system related. NVDA is just acting as a
conduit, passing the keystrokes as if they had been typed locally, then
passing back text strings output for voicing on the controllers machine.


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It strikes me that it would be better for NVDA Remote to send not the
keystrokes themselves, which then need to be interpreted by the remote
machine, and rely on it having the same NVDA keyboard layout setting, but
instead to send the NVDA commands which result from those keystrokes, so
that the person on the controlling computer types some key combination on
their keyboard, and the command which this combination means to then gets
sent to the controlled computer, without caring what keyboard language or
layout it has.


On Friday 10 May 2019 at 11:01:42, Chris Mullins wrote:

I don’t know what what the @Luke etc references are because I’m a
dinosaur and have no interest in Twitter or Facebook but I’m confused by
the references to keypads. To use NVDA remote, both parties should have
NVDA configured to use the same keyboard layout and language,
irrespective of the physical computers. Think about it, the controlling
is sending keystrokes to the controlled computer, so it has to cbe
configured to understand those keystrokes.

To check what NVDA version is being used, press NVDA+f1 to open the log
file, move to the top of the log file and use the down arrow to scroll a
few lines down and there is a message stating the version of NVDA being



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@Luke: He has the latest version of this add-on installed, so I didn't
require it from him. He does not know much about these things, so I say
that his teacher has set it up for him.

@Kevin: So in the hint it is possible that we both have a keypad, that
is, a deskstop or a laptop.
Please apologise my errors, since I have a very small device.

Please reply to the list;
please *don't* CC me.

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