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I complained once to pizza hut and they promptly put a link on their site for visually impaired users to use their mobile site for ordering but last time I tried ordering online which was a while ago it was not user friendly any more sadly!

I did attempt using the other day and it did seem to work pretty well so if that 1 is in your area it's worth trying!

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Unfortunately that's my perceptions so far as well. I would have hoped
that prominent businesses would not be doing this as it alienates
customers but there you go.


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It really needs more info, as I'm sure these sites vary a lot. I have in the

past heard that some of these sights are using flash a lot and pictures with

no tagging etc, instead of words and proper native html fields.
I'd have hoped by now, this was a couple of years ago, they might have made

their sites accessible though. Not into this myself I have to say. Awash
just asked by a friend to have a poke about and it was utter rubbish for the

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA and pizza sites


My apologies if this is a repeat message. I sent t his to another list
and didn't get very much.

Is anyone using NVDA with online food ordering sites? In particular
online pizza ordering sites, and I'm
particularly wanting to do custom ordering, but this really doesn't


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