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Also, there is a setting in NVDA settings, though I'm not sure where it is in the newer interface, to control whether NVFDA saves current settings as permanent when you shut it down.  I recommend turning this setting off so that you must use a command, such as control NVDA key c to save the current configuration if you want it to be permanent.  You may change reading speed, punctuation verbosity, or other settings, not intending them to be permanent.  The default setting will save those settings if you shut down NVDA while those settings are still in force. 

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just to add to both posts that I've thoroughly read thus far, you can do it in vairly short order by doing the following.

NVDA+Control+S, this brings up the synthesiser dialog. select the synth you want, or, if you already have it, leave it alone. press alt+D and this will bring you to the output combo box. set that to the desired output, then simply press enter to ok and apply the change.

If you're happy with this and you want it to be a permanent fixture, pressing NVDA+Control+C will save that configuration, so you don't have to keep changing it every time.

If, however, this is a temperary change, not saving that configuration as your default is the right way to go, and pressing NVDA+Control+R will reload your default configuration.

I hope this is of use to you.

On 14/05/2019 09:25, Nimer Jaber wrote:

Thank you for asking your question.

I think you may be looking for a setting in the synths settings which is called "output device". To access this setting,
1. press NVDA+n to access the NVDA menu, down arrow to preferences and press enter.
2. Press enter on settings.
3. Press down arrow to speech.
4. Press tab to "change" to change synthesizer settings, and press enter.
5. Press tab to find the "output mode". and press down arrow to change it.
6. Once done, press enter twice to confirm the changes, or alternatively tab to the "okay" button.

by the way, the relevant section discussing this feature in the NVDA user guide is 11.1.3.


On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 4:39 PM Victor Marques <therealvictormarques@...> wrote:

I'm new, and forgive me if this has already been answered, but I
couldn't find information on this.

I would like to route NVDA speech output to a particular sound card or
audio device, not through the main Windows sound system. This can be
done in JAWS using the Sound Card Utility.

Is there something similar for NVDA, or an add-on?

Thanks and please forgive my novice question.



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