Where exactly does the virtual cursor start off in browse mode?

Felix G.

I've been wondering about this for some time now, so I finally decided to ask:
When I follow a link, where exactly, technically, is the virtual
cursor supposed to start off on the new page? About half of the time I
find it at the beginning, but sometimes it seems it's placed randomly
in the middle of a list of links or even down near the bottom. Please
note we're not talking about ajax or anything. I'm referring to real
page refreshes.
Now before I cry bug, I'd like to know: What exactly is the expected
behavior? Could anyone please provide an authoritative response, or
share their own experience with this?
The background is that I may soon be testing just how well a certain
web app works with NVDA, and so I should know all there is to know
about browse mode to the letter.
All the best,

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