Re: a couple of changes I want to make in NVDA

Shaun Oliver

it's a standard windows shortcut, windows+D will take you to the desktop from anywhere on the PC.


On 15/05/2019 13:12, zahra wrote:
how do you go to desktop with nvda?
when i go to desktop, nvda says desktop list, not desktop windows or
only desktop!
i use nvda 2017.2 on windows xp.

On 5/15/19, Troy Burnham <troyburnham34@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm a long time jaws user and as such I want to make NVDA sound as much
like jaws as possible. I notice that when I go to the desktop with NVDA
it says desktop window and not just desktop and I want to see if I can
make that change. Also, I've only noticed this in thunderbird so far but
NVDA might tell me that my inbox is on level 1 and something else is on
level 2, can that be turned off where it doesn't tell me the levels? I
looked through settings and turned off a few other things that I don't
want to hear but it didn't give me a chance to turn off the level
announcement where I set the rest of it like I like it.



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