Re: Notice for Project Threshold participants: if using Joseph Lee's add-ons, you must install today's updates #addonrelease

Brice Mijares

Thanks for the explanation.

On 5/15/2019 9:28 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Project Threshold introduces at least two backwards incompatible changes to
NVDA: a long overdue speech refactor facility to bring some speech and
sounds requests and other thins to come to life, and upgrading NVDA's source
code to Python 3 for future-proofing work and making the code modern.
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Joseph Lee's add-ons, you must install today's updates #AddonRelease
Please explain what this Project Threshold is.
On 5/15/2019 6:48 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Dear NVDA community,

With the merging of speech refactor work into threshold branch,
Project Threshold has formally launched (expect a notice from NV
Access people regarding this).

An important notice for users of my add-ons: if you are using any of
my add-ons and plan to participate in Project Threshold, you MUST
install add-on updates destined for today. This is because the minimum
add-on API version for Threshold will be 2019.3, and also because
there will be changes in Threshold that will break many add-ons, including
some of mine.

The following add-ons will receive updates today:

* Add-on Updater
* Easy Table Navigator
* Enhanced Touch Gestures
* Golden Cursor (deep maintenance only)
* GoldWave
* ObjPad
* Object Location Tones
* Resource Monitor
* StationPlaylist (both stable only)
* Virtual Review
* Windows 10 App Essentials

Notes for some add-ons:

* Add-on Updater: this update will go out first; you must install this
add-on first. Also, if anyone is participating in Project Threshold
and installs this add-on, Add-on Updater will now install updates
for add-ons that does declare support for Threshold i.e. 2019.3-dev;
that is, if the last tested NVDA version is earlier than 2019.3,
Add-on Updater Threshold edition won�t even attempt to install the
add-on update. This is done so you are protected from updates that
could break in Threshold.
* Golden Cursor: the upcoming version will be the last version to be
maintained by me.
* Resource Monitor: Psutil dependency will be updated to 5.6.2 to
resolve package generation bug caused by a missing file and to bring
updated features.
* StationPlaylist: Studio 5.20 or later will be required. Also,
support for Threshold will be added to 18.09.x-LTS in the next
release (scheduled for end of May).
* SystrayList: this will be the last version to be powered by Python
2, and consequently supporting old NVDA releases earlier than 2019.1.
* Windows 10 App Essentials: effective with today�s build, end of
support countdown for Version 1803 (April 2018 Update/build 17134)
will be in effect. For now the add-on will install on Version 1803,
but a June snapshot will drop support for it; consequently, from
that future snapshot onwards, Version 1809 (October 2018
Update/build 17763) or later will be required as for add-on support
policy (supporting Insider build, latest, immediate past release,
with a given stable release supported for at least fifteen months).
Support for Version 1803 from this add-on will end in July.



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