Dear Luke

The issue with the sound moving to the right speaker is only on the laptop
speakers. The sound is clear through earphones.

However, whether I use earphones or not, my NVDA ducks whenever windows
makes a sound.

I also have to set NVDA on a low volume through earphones and change volume
using the speaker settings otherwise NVDA is too loud. The jumps between
volumes on my NVDA are massive.

Kind regards


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Do you have these problems if you use headphones or external speakers?


On Fri, 10 May 2019, wrote:

I have an Asus laptop with the newest NVDA, the newist Windows and Office
1. Whenever the laptop makes a Windows sound or any other sound, NVDA
becomes a lot softer.
2. Sometimes NVDA moves to the right speaker of its own accord and I
don?t hear it from the left speaker at all.
3. I have to set NVDA on 10% or 20% otherwise it is too loud.  The umps
between volumes are so large.

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