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I don't know which browsers NVDA speaks the progress bars of for downloads.  But in my opinion, overreliance on progress bars is often the result of not being properly familiar with the program being used.  I'm not saying that to criticize you or anyone else.  I am stating a general conclusion that I believe is valid. In firefox, for example, during a download, issuing the command control j opens a library window where a list of previous downloads is displayed.  The first one in the list is the current download.  using the read current line command, numpad 8 in the desktop layout will give you information such as the speed of the download, the percent downloaded the estimated time to completion, and perhaps other information I don't now recall.  Leave that Window opened.  Then return to it and check from time to time if you want to see current information.  Others may be able to tell you how to see the progress bar in various browsers.
But my point is that there is often other ways to get information.  Also, there may be an add on in Firefox that will notify you when a download completes.  Others will have to discuss that.

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    I am looking for a brouser that nvda will speak the progress bar when I down load I use to use webie but today it no longer works even after I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I really want to hear the progress bar when I download to know if my downloads anre working or not.

Brian Sackrider

On 7/9/2016 1:00 PM, Richard Turner wrote:


I just joined this group.

I am primarily a Window-Eyes user.

I’d like to learn to use NVDA more efficiently.

Is there a way to have NVDA speak the number of unread messages in a given folder?  Maybe an addon?


I’ve not found anything yet.





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