Re: beta snap shots showing whats new nvda 2019.1


That's because master/alpha code hasn't been merged into beta branch. Once that happens, what's new document will be updated to point out 2019.2.

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Subject: [nvda] beta snap shots showing whats ndw nvda 2019.1

Hi guys

the last couple of snapshots i have downloaded of the beta including the one from last night show the whats new as nvda 2019.1 and not the up coming nvda 2019.2.

The link to this page is

I even get it if i click on the nvda 2019 beta file saying that.

I am sure i am not the only one who is getting this is there a reason why it is not saying what is coming up in nvda 2019.2 is it more to do with the threshold branch? been merged into this release?

The alfa and threshold snapshots show whats coming up in nvda 2019.2 but do not know until the beta if it actually made it in to the beta snap shot.

I like to add some of the features to the website so others know who
might not read the whats new section.

I guess we will find out shortly?

Gene nz

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