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I wanted the count of unread messages in the folder and his answer works perfectly.

Yes, sometimes that is also in the status line, but shift tabbing to the folder name reads the number of unread messages.  Then, as you arrow up or down through the folder list it will read the number of unread messages in each folder.


Thanks for the status line command, that will come in handy for some other applications.





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The person asking the question appears to want to know how to read the status line,  Status lines are becoming increasingly less common in programs.  I have no idea if current versions of Outlook have one.  If your version does and if it is one that NVDA can recognize, the command is NVDA key end.



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When you’re in the message list, shift tab once.  You should hear the name of the folder you’re in and the number of messages it contains.






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I just joined this group.

I am primarily a Window-Eyes user.

I’d like to learn to use NVDA more efficiently.

Is there a way to have NVDA speak the number of unread messages in a given folder?  Maybe an addon?


I’ve not found anything yet.





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