Re: Code Factory Eloquence won’t load

Ron Canazzi

If you are using a VPN, Eloquence/Vocalizer bundle can't phone home to verify your valid license.

On 5/17/2019 10:35 AM, Ed Marquette wrote:
Tell me if I should address this to Code Factory.
About a week ago, I downloaded and commenced using the Code Factory Eloquence (and Vocalizer bundle).
On Monday of this week, I bought the product and received a license code. I downloaded the program and entered the license key when prompted.
I had to adjust speed, pitch, and so forth, but all was well after that.
I shut down my laptop, took it home, and fired it up again at home, using the firm’s VPN.
Today, I get E-Speak. From the Synthesizer menu, I get “Cannot load Code Factory Synthesizer” or something very close.
This could be wrong, but it is almost as if NVDA thinks I’m still using the demo version. Any ideas?
By the way, in the NVDA menu, under Code Factory menu choice, I simply go in a circle and never get to the voice adjustments — as I did yesterday .

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