Re: waterfox alpha is out

g melconian

please do let us know or what waterfall hikes and waterfalls classic a z test done with nvda. I would welcome your input on the matter I do have water fox56 space on your recommendations and will not update till you say it's worth to update to the latest waterfalls classical what stocks thank you

On May 17, 2019 11:53:12 PM "Shaun Everiss" <> wrote:

Hi all.

This is not strictly an nvda issue, however I know a lot of us use this
so I thought I'd put it out.

Waterfox 68 alpha1 is out.

From inital useage the only major issue I found is that extentions
seems to not be accessible or at least none of my addons show.

I assume it uses the newer quantom inaccessible interfface sadly.

However, it appears that the older waterfox while itself will be
eventually dieing when 68.0 comes out is not going away in fact
according to the waterfox blog its going to be called waterfox classic,
and will remain being updated with security and bugfix updates when
possible, there won't be any schedual as such but both branches will be
active, its just that eventually all addons will be updated for the
alpha version.

According to the blog, there are addons updating, it stresses its the
first alpha.

I don't have any way to contact the devs directly about us screen reader
users but it would be good to well have them on board.

Unlike firefox quantom it does appear that generally things do load in
an accessible manner but there are a lot of changes under the hood.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to test this.

Its good to know that unlike firefox, all that will happen is that
waterfox will simply split in half.

Waterfox will be modernised and people will be encouraged to use the
latest and greatest.

Waterfox 56.x branch will be renamed waterfox classic and will continue
as it is till the end of time most likely.

Now I will of course see later on if I can update and see what goes and
what loads.

If classic addons work on 68 like noscript 5x or even if some of the
newer stuff is accessible I will try to see what that does.

On the other side, there will not be any reason to keep that version if
its got issues though it would be good to try to nipp as many of these
issues in the bud and I think unlike mozilla and its view on security
and accessibility software the people behind waterfox won't be so stupid
over it.

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